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Welcome to HN Transport

HN Transport Services is an Australian company has been established in 2011 with registration number  ABN 25 150 552 515.

The company was found to adapt the needs of transporting products from Australia to Vietnam for customers living in both Australia and Vietnam.

HN Transport’s motto is that HN Transport will be in locations wherever has Vietnamese community, the company always ensures the highest level of customer interests with the word REPUTATION always at the forefront.

We transported 163,333kg in 2019 and 175,097kg in 2020 from Australia to 64 cities in Vietnam with over 300 clients are using our services weekly. It is a strong evidence of trust from customers to us.

HN Transport is providing following services:


  • Search and connect companies between Australia and Vietnam
  • Provide export certificates:
    • Certificate of Australian Origin
    • Certificate Declaration of Origin
    • FTA Certificate of Origin (bao gồm: TAFTA, AANZFTA, KAFTA, JAEPA, ChAFTA, ACLFTA & CPTPP)
    • Certificate of Free Sale
    • Certificate of Manuafacture
    • Visa request letter attestation


  • Door-2-door parcels delivery services from Australia to Vietnam
  • Online shopping services
  • Pickup parcels at home
  • Send parcels from Vietnam to Australia
  • Provide Australian products in both wholesale and retail

Customer’s benefits

  • Officially andlegally tax invoice in Australia
  • Deliver to 64 cities in Vietnam.
  • Full package quote/price, no hidden fees
  • Professional customer services
  • Online tracking system for parcels
  • Regularly sending and delivery schedule

Receive parcels from 7 to 10 working days


Why you should use services of HN Transport?
Weekly Schedule
We have shipments to Vietnam weekly
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Safe delivery
Deliver your parcel(s) safely and in time
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Customer Support
Online support via Facebook Messenger on our website
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Large agents network
Company has a large agent network in Australia
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Steps to send parcel to Vietnam

Sending parcel(s) from Australia to Vietnam

Please following below steps if you are the first time to use HN Transport’s service:

You need to register an online account on website first.

After a new account has been registered successfully, Login to your online account and start declaring your shipment by answering questions in given form then click button “Save” or “Submit”.

  • After clicking button “Save” or “Submit”, system will generate and provide you a reference number start with “SLIxxxx”. You can print out or hand writing this reference number to your parcel(s). If you don’t see the reference number, it means that you are missing something and recheck and click button “Save” or “Submit” again.
  • You must pack your items carefully and put them in a strong box before dropping them to us. If you are afraid of your items will be swapped during transiting, you can mark something to your items then recheck them with your receiver in Vietnam later.
  • Drop off your parcel(s) to one of our nearest depot before cut off date to send parcel(s) to Vietnam. Cautions: each agent will have different cut off date/time of receiving your parcel(s), kindly contact them before going.
  • An invoice with tracking number will be sent to your mobile via text message and email (apply to Australian mobile only). Check your junk/spam folder for email.
  • If you don’t have any question about invoice, you are required to arrange payment within 03 days or before your parcel(s) arriving at Vietnam.
  • If you have any question about invoice, contact us via Facebook Messenger chat on website or send email to info@hntransport.com.au.

Your parcel(s) will be delivered to your receiver in Vietnam from 7 to 10 working days (up on geolocation) since our cargo has left Australia (onboard). You can track your parcel(s) directly from our website.

  • If you use our online purchase service, you don’t need to do shipping declaration.
  • Customers are required to declare correctly about product name, quantity and are legal responsible to their declaration.

Delivery to 64 cities in Vietnam

Customers feedbacks

What customers say?
Nguyen Kim Tuyen
Nguyen Kim Tuyen
"Chị đã thực hiện được các thao tác của việc mua hộ rồi, cám ơn vì sự tư vấn tận tình của nhân viên công ty."
Truc Nguyen
Truc Nguyen
"Mình đã nhận được hàng tại Việt Nam rồi ạ, cám ơn dịch vụ của HN transport mình rất yên tâm."
Tony Son
Tony Son
"Cám ơn sự hỗ trợ của nhân viên HN transport nhiều nhé! Mình đã có giới thiệu dịch vụ của công ty với các cô chú bên Úc rồi."
Mai Lan
Mai Lan
"Cám ơn HN transport nhiều lắm, mình sẽ còn gửi hàng bên Úc về Việt Nam nhiều nữa.  Dịch vụ quá tốt, nhân viên tận tình, chu đáo nữa. Chúc công ty ngày càng phát triển và được nhiều khách hàng tín nhiệm, yêu thương!"
Le Nguyen Bao Khanh
Le Nguyen Bao Khanh
"Mình rất hài lòng với dịch vụ chi nhánh ở Brisbane, chị Thi làm rất nhiệt tình, chưa lần nào gửi hàng bị hỏng hóc, duy nhất 1 lần bị vấn đề hải quan bên công ty đền bù rất thoả đáng. Chúc công ty luôn giữ được uy tín!"
Monica Pham
Monica Pham
"Mỗi tuần mình đều gửi hàng ở đây về Hà tĩnh cho gđ và bạn bè, mình rất hài lòng về dịch vụ, giá cả cũng như cách service! Cảm ơn Công ty rất là nhiều."
Evelyn Dinh
Evelyn Dinh
"Đã làm việc với anh Kevin 2 năm nay, và sẽ còn ủng hộ dài."


Items you cannot send to Vietnam

The below list of items you cannot send to Vietnam:

  1. Prohibited items regulated by both Australian and Vietnamese government
  2. Spray bottles
  3. Perfumes (WA)
  4. Perishable goods
  5. Nail liquid, nail powder
  6. Fragile items
  7. Bike
  8. Kangen products
  9.  Antique items
  10. Paint liquid
  11. Documentation
  12. Medicine
  13. Face mask, hand wash
  14. Branded fashion

Legal action will be applied to customers if prohibited item found

You can send following items with limit quantity 5 items/boxes/bottle per parcel:

  • Saffron
  • Perfume
  • Panadol, panamax, nurofen
  • Graphic card, CPU, RAM
  • Auto parts
  • Dyson products
  • Saffron
  • Garnoderma
  • Cordyceps