Experience when received goods in Vietnam

Experience when received goods in Vietnam

Currently, there have been a number of cases where your items are exchanged by Vietnamese delivery staff, especially those shipped to districts, communes or distance provinces.

To overcome this situation, the company requires the consignor in Australia and the consignee from Vietnam to cooperate with HN TRANSPORT in order to help your goods arrive safely, delivered with right number and to right person.


– Shipper should mark all of his consignments and take pictures of the package before and after applying tape on the package.
– Shipper must declare the details of each item and the quantity in the DEPOSIT DECLARATION (SLI) form and ask agent to check, confirm before packing. You should take a photo of the DEPOSIT DECLARATION (SLI) form after shipping.
– Require the receiving agent to enter the total number of items in the box in the invoice when sending to you, this is required as it will be the basis for the company to verify the quantity of excess / missing goods. during transportation and delivery in Vietnam.

Step 2:

– After sending the goods, the sender should send the list of goods with pictures as well as other characteristics of the package to Vietnamese receiver.

Step 3:

When the delivery man arrives, Vietnamese recipient should carefully check the following information:

– Check outside of the cargo box:
– Prepare 1 electronic scale

(if you receive the goods regularly) and please re-weigh the package in front of the delivery staff then write down the actual Kg received on the RECEIVER PRINTED by the receiver before receiving the goods.

– Check if the total number of packages you receive matches the number of packages returned from Australia?
– Check if the package has torn the sealing tape?

If you find that the sealing tape shows signs of being opened, you should take a photo again

Pictures below are the company’s packaging and its protective tapes. If you find that these layers of tape are torn, your parcel MAY be opened during transportation from Saigon to your place, so customers need to be more attention.
ATTENTION: All your packages from Australia to Saigon or Hanoi must be opened for inspection during customs clearance. However, the position of your goods is reversed or not, depending on the lot and the company will specifically announce in the CONDITION STATUS CHECK. .

When receiving goods in Vietnam, customers only need to re-weigh to see if the kg and the number of packages match the kg and number of packages on the label or delivery note?

  • If the package still has the sealing tape of HN Transport and has enough kilograms and number of boxes, receive the goods and sign the delivery report provided by the postman
  • If the package still has HN Transport’s sealing tape intact and the weight of the package is less than the number of kilograms shown on the delivery note or on the label on the box, then:
    1. Still receiving the goods, but asking the postmaster to sign up to have delivered the actual kg and both signed the delivery paper and let the postman go.
    2. Take pictures of the cargo with HN Transport’s seal and the number of kilograms

Check goods, check with the Australian shipper and list the missing items and contact HN Transport for instructions on filling out a claim form. Back to checkout process

  • If the receiving container tears the sealing tape of HN Transport, the receiver needs:
    1. Re-weight in front of postman, take a photo and ask the postman to record the actual kilograms and the state of the package with torn sealing tape.
    2. Check goods in front of the postman, take pictures of the goods and ask the postmaster to record in the delivery receipt the total product delivered

List the missing products and then contact HN Transport for instructions on compensation.

Consignees in Vietnam are required to buy 1 electronic scale to use for receiving goods.

– Immediately report the incident to the hotline of HN TRANSPORT  in Vietnam  (+84) 333 85 87 88 and immediately notify the sender in Australia to contact the shipping agent for the company to promptly handle..

– Customers are required to take a photo of the delivery note that the delivery staff asked you to sign for future verification if something happened.

– Ask the delivery staff to sign your receipt of the goods for your records

Important Note :

1/ HN TRANSPORT  will not solve any case if you have signed and received the goods, then call to notify the company that the goods are missing / excessing or incorrectly sent from Australia.

2/ RECEIVED NOTES and DELIVERY NOTES are the first document the company will ask you to provide in case of losing goods.

3/ Please DO NOT CALL the hotline number of the company if goods are broken when receiving the goods or complain to the company when you cannot present the above 2 documents.

4/ A complete set of documents so that you can request the company to compensate for lost goods including: DELIVERY DECLARATION (SLI), SHIPMENT AND RECEIVED NOTES,, PURCHASE BILL và điền đầy đủ thông tin vào CLAIM FORM on company website

Please check to the detailed SHIPMENT POLICY and instructions on the process of receiving goods in Vietnam on company’s website.