Freight Policy from Vietnam to Australia

Freight Policy from Vietnam to Australia

The terms and shipping policy from Vietnam to Australia below are specified to ensure the responsibility and interests of customers and HN TRANSPORT. The issues will be discussed and solved transparently by both sides to ensure the best interests of customers.

When you agree to use HN TRANSPORT services this means that you agree to the terms below:

Article 1: Some notes regarding accepted and not accepted items to send from Vietnam to Australia

1. Unaccepted items to send.

a) Item are not accepted to send included:  

Publications, articles, books and newspapers related to politics, goods banned from circulation, import or export by Australia. Publications, articles or goods banned from import by Australia; explosive, combustible or dangerous substances; unsanitary material, environmental pollution; Vietnamese currency, foreign currency; valuable papers in Vietnamese or foreign currency; packages contain packages for many different people.

b) Items with illegal origin, or of unclear origin.

If the sender cannot prove the origin, it will be confiscated by the authorities and will not be compensated.

c) Goods purchased with different kinds of Gift Card, virtual currency.

d) If customers intentionally send the above parcels then when it detects the authorities or HN TRANSPORT, the customer shall bear the full responsibility before the law.

e) HN TRANSPORT will not accept items such as turmeric powder, green tea powder, chili powder, Chinese herbs, dried leaves, and feng shui stone to transport to Australia.

2. Some notes regarding accepted items

a) For food items:

Customers can send dry food items, namely: dried seafood (dried fish, dried shrimp, dried squid, …), dried fruit, dried vermicelli, dried bamboo shoots, instant noodles, types of cakes not related to meat, eggs, milk (vegetarian mooncake without eggs, vegan Pia cake, …), seasoning goods ( seasoning cubes for Pho, Hue beef noodles, noodles, vegetarian broth mix, chili sauce, … ), tea, coffee, cashew, rice paper, …

b) For electronic items:

Battery-operated electronic devices (watches, phones, laptops, tablets, …) will be delivered as long as the batteries are removed.

c) For cosmetic items:

This item will incur additional charges. And if the item is cosmetic, HN TRANSPORT will be limited to shipping, if there is a case of keeping or losing goods, we will not accept any complaint.

d) For Fragile items:

Goods are made of ceramic, glass, fragile material (dishes, bottles, …), please packed carefully. In case that goods are broken or damaged inside, HN TRANSPORT will not accept complaints.

e) An additional surcharge will apply:

For clothes, shoes, bags, purses, fake versions of famous brands.

Article 2: Responsibilities of HN TRANSPORT.

a) Check the legality.

Of packages but still must ensure the security, safety and integrity (full seal, complete box for electronic goods) of the mail, postal item, goods. We have the right to refuse service if there is any doubt about signs of law violation.

b) Compensation for loss, detailed in Article 4.

c) Time for settlement of compensation.

Up to 7 business days from the date our company receives complete compensation request documents (up to 5 business days from the date of delivery by the company) of the customer.

d) HN TRANSPORT will not responsible for:

Indirect damages caused by the loss of postal articles or damages caused by delayed delivery or to risks caused by force majeure (such as natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, war, riot , crashes; due to the natural nature of goods; damage caused by electricity or magnetism, erasing images, data or sound …).

HN TRANSPORT will not be responsible for product quality when goods are delivered by Vietnam express companies to HN TRANSPORT head office in Vietnam.

Article 3: Packing and sending goods from Vietnam to Australia.

a) All goods need to be packed safely with packaging service  and responsible for that packaging during transportation. 

The company offers a charge packaging service. If customers pack goods by themselves, they will be fully responsible for broken or damaged goods

b) Wood products: 

HN TRANSPORT only accepts to ship finished wood products and we will fumigate all wood-based goods before shipment. Customer will incur an additional fumigation fee for products

c) For common items:

Clothes, shoes, bags, purses, handicrafts, books, decorative items (fake flowers, lamps, …), labels, paper boxes, nail tools, photo albums, wedding invitations , business cards, phone cases, baking molds.

Please note that the packing is no more than 20kg for each sending time and ensure it is wrapped with color paper standards and packed carefully.

Article 4: Compensation. See details in the Insurance & Compensation section 

For more information, please contact HN TRANSPORT, for a dedicated answer and for updated the latest information of HN TRANSPORT.

We hope you will be satisfied with HN TRANSPORT service.