Send Parcels to Vietnam

Steps to send parcels to Vietnam with us

If you have already had an online account with us, skip this step. Otherwise, you need to register an online account on website before using our services.

Note: You need to use your real name from your driver license to register account due to we may require you to provide your 100 points later.

You are required to declare your sending goods in your online account before dropping your parcel(s) to us.

How to declare your parcels

After completing your shipment declaration, you will be provided a reference number starts with “SLIxxxx” after click Submit button. What you need to do is write this reference clearly on your carton(s) and bring/send it to one of our nearest collection depot.


  • If you have more than 1 carton such as 3 cartons.., you need to mark outside each carton like SLIxxxx (1/3), SLIxxxx (2/3) and SLIxxxx (3/3)
  • You must do a well pack your items with bubble wrap/Void fills, … and parcel with sticky tape carefully before bring/send to us
  • You need to contact our agents where you will bring/send your parcels to confirm their trading hours and cut off dates

After receiving your parcel(s), we will enter your parcel’s detail to our system then send shipping invoice to you with tracking number. Customers are required to pay shipping fee when receiving invoice(s) from the company or before parcel(s) has/have been done custom clearance

Payment methods:

  • Cash (1), or
  • Bank Transfer in Australia (AUD) (2), or
  • Bank Transfer  in Vietnam (VND) (3)


  • Your goods will be withheld in our warehouse (Vietnam) until shipping fee is fully paid.
  • Invoice will be sent to your email or you can view it directly on your online account

Your parcel(s) will be sent to airport to Vietnam in a specific day of the week. It will take from 7 to 10 working days depending on the geographic location of the receiver(s) to deliver parcel(s) to your receiver in Vietnam.

You can track your parcel(s) directly on our website and our customer service team will be online to assist you with any question.

Items CAN NOT send to Vietnam

Weekly cut off dates and time

Cut off dates: Weekend

Kindly contact agent for detail

Cut Off Date: 5pm on every Tuesday

Cut Off Date: Thursday

Kindly contact agent for a specific cut off time

Cut Off Date: 12pm on every Thursday

Notes: This schedule is for reference purpose only, it may change without prior notification