Book collect parcel at home

When using HN Transport’s Australian pickup schedule service, customers are required to declare consignment, provide full information about the consignor as well as the consignee to the company. To book pickup, please follow the steps below:

Sign up or Register

1. Customers need to register an account on the company website before booking pickup schedule.

If you already have an account with HN Transport, please SIGN UP  or for REGISTER, please CLICK HERE 

2. Login to your account after success your register.

3. On the Menu bar, select “Set pickup schedule” on Customer Accounts Tab

4. Complete the information on the shipping declaration following the form below.

Receive quote from company

After the company receives the pickup request, we will email the customer the pickup fee, if customer agrees with the fee from company quotes, our company will advance the money to book on behalf for customers with shipping company in Australia.



Receive shipping label from company

After goods are booked for pickup with third party company, HN Transport will email the customer the shipping label of each package and customers are required to print, sign and carefully tape on each package.


Deliver goods for driver

Customers are requested to stay home from 9AM – 5PM during the day deliver the goods to driver, in case you need to go out, initiative to put the goods at the front door or any location outside somewhere that easy to see and note to the driver to actively pick up goods when you are not at home.
You cannot book the exact time for drive to the pickup, in case if it almost 5PM, you have not seen the pickup driver, please call the hotline provided in the email to confirm with the operator. Driver will come and pickup your items.


During the operation, if you customers need any assistance, please contact HN Transport directly via Facebook Messenger right on this website for support