Declare parcel(s) to Sydney warehouse

Fill receiver information on item packages

Before goods are sent to the warehouse or when you are making online payment, in the Shipping address you need to fill in the following structure:

* Full name: Australian consignor name (Ref: Customer code)
* Tel: Australian consignor number

– For customers in Vietnam:

* Full name: Name of online purchased consignee (Ref: Customer ID)
* Tel: Number of of online purchased consignee
* Address: 6 Septimus Ave, Punchbowl NSW 2196


The information on the package label must match the information you declared with the company in Step 3



Sign in or Register

1. You need to register an account on the company’s website before declaring shipping.
If you already have an account in HN Transport, please LOGIN or if you want REGISTER an account, please CLICK HERE
2. Login to your account after successful your registration.
3. On the Menu bar, select “Submit goods” in the Tab Client accounts.

Declared goods sent to Sydney warehouse

Customers need to fill fully information into shipping declaration following the form below

Click on “For customer sent goods to Sydney warehouse” then enter “Order number”, “Tracking number” in order to finish declaration

During the operation, if customer need any support, please contact HN Transport directly via Facebook Messenger on our website for support.