Send online shopping request

HN Transport instruction for buying on behalf: customers are required to provide information about products to buy and also despoil items money for company. If you want buying on behalf, please follow to these steps

Sign in or Register

1. You need to register for an account on the company’s website before ordering.
If you already have an account with HN Transport, please LOGIN or if you want to REGISTER an account, please CLICK HERE
2. Login to your account after successful registration.
3. On the Menu bar, select “Order goods” under the Tab of Customer Accounts.
4. Fill out the consignee information in Vietnam.



Fill detail information of ordered items

  • Product’s name: Customers should Copy & Paste the original English name of the product on the website
  • Product price: Current selling price of product
  • Quantity: Quantity that you need to buy
  • Size, Color: applicable in case for clothes
  • Product Link: You need to copy the exact product link on the website and paste in this box
  • Select “Add product” to continue to import products for next purchase

Deposit items money

– After you finish ordering, the company will send a confirmation email and request a deposit monney. You are required to deposit 80% of the total amount of items.
– Deposit amount in VND = Number of relative rounding of (80% * Total amount of items AUD * 16,000)

Example: The total amount for 4 orders is $ 329.95, the provisional AUD / VND exchange rate is 16,000 (the final rate will be recorded on the invoice depend on different time) the deposit = 80% * 5,279,200 VND. At this time, customers can transfer a deposit to the company with a rounding amount about VND 4,200,000 or VND 4,100,000, please do not transfer small change .

During the operation of Purchase on behalf instruction, if you need any assistance, please contact HN Transport directly via Facebook Messenger on our website for support.