Insurance and compensation policies


HN Transport currently is not providing insurance service to your parcel(s). Please contact the third party insurance company if you need insurance.

However, our company still has responsibility to you if your parcel(s) has/have been lost during transport and the maximum compensation value is ruled in following:

  1. The receiver is required to have a electric scale at destination
  2. Re-weight, write actual received weight (kg) and parcel’s status to delivery docket before signing
  1. Items are not in initial packing list or shipping declaration
  2. Inside or outside damaged due to weather or transporting
  3. Parcels have lost in transit due to natural affects such as flood, fire, epidemics, etc.,
  4. Parcels have been delayed or hold due to custom clearance or local authorities under 8 weeks since whole shipment arrive at airport.
  5. Online orders have been lost during transiting to Sydney’s warehouse
  6. Expired products due to delay in custom clearance or receiver has not signed to accept delivery after 2 attempt deliveries
  7. No purchase evidence of damaged/lost products
  8. Claim form has been lodged after 7 days since receiver received parcel(s)
  9. Send prohibited items which have been disposed be custom, airline or other authorities
  10. Missing items from your online order sending directly to Sydney’s warehouse if the parcel’s weight is the same to HN Transpoort’s invoice

HN Transport only compensate to lost parcel(s) in following cases:

  1. Parcel(s) has/have been stuck in custom clearance or other local authorities over 8 weeks since it landed to Vietnam’s airport (Except for majeure cases such as fire, flood, epidemics…)
  2. Customers in case 2, 3, 4 of Article 1 above
  3. Lost whole parcel(s)
  4. VIP customers
  1. Compensate 100% lost product’s value according to tax invoice (maximum AUD $300) for customers who have parcel(s) been stuck in customer over 8 weeks or falling in case 2 and 3 in Article 1 above if customers can provide full required document at (1) and (2) in Article 5
  2. Compensate a maximum of AUD $100 if it is not falling in 4 cases at Article 1
  3. Compensate AUD $20 per kg to damaged products during transiting (apply to company’s VIP customers only)

Cautions: Shipping fees are not included in compensation

Progress of compensation

HN Transport only compensate to customers falling in “Article 3” above if they satisfy requirements in (1) and (2) below.

(1) Customers must lodge a claim form to company within 24 hours after receiving parcel(s) or notification of lost whole parcel(s) or parcel(s) is over 8 weeks of custom clearance from company.

(2) Customer must provide following documents to company:

  • Initial shipping declaration (SLI reference or offline paper)
  • Photos 6 sides of received parcel to prove our company seal has been broken previously
  • Delivery docket with signature from  both receiver and delivery man with notes (if any). You are not required to provide this if driver(s) use POD mobile app
  • Purchased invoices
  • List every lost/damaged item in a provided form

(3) Your claim application will be processed within 14 days after full receiving document from customer.

(4) A refund will be made to customer by bank transfer (EFT)


After finalizing the refund amount, it will be paid to customer’s bank account in Australia unless customer in Vietnam is using company’s online shopping service from 3 to 5 working days.