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In the booming ages of information technology, online shopping is an inevitable trend in Vietnam as well as around the world.

In particular, the demand for goods: vitamins, functional foods, clothing, cosmetics, and milk from Australia to Vietnam. You only need a smart phone or a computer with internet connection, sitting at home then you can buy everything and driver will bring it to your home.

Almost everything has its duality, online shopping is no exception. To easily have more experience with safe online shopping, you also need to learn how to become a smart consumer with the following criteria:

1. Purchase list

Understand that e-commerce websites always want you to buy and buy as much as possible, evidenced is the “similar products” or “products you like” that keep popping up during your shopping process. . The first rule to become a smart consumer is to write down a shopping list right away. And don’t forget to “look” at your catalog regularly before clicking “add to cart”.

2. Participate in buying on trusted Australian websites

To find and choose a reputable website is not easy. However, you can still verify the credibility of a site through referrals from a friend or relative. And to avoid fraud, it’s only best to buy when you know exactly the seller by checking the authenticity and legality of the website.

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3. Carefully read the product details

If you are in a purchase please take a few minutes to read the product details as detailed as possible about: Model, quality, material, shape, color, quantity, size, manufacturer, where it comes from and the instructions for use of the product. This will help you easier to visualize the goods that you are trading, helping you minimize receiving unsatisfactory goods.

4. Read reviews of other customers for products and services

Take the time to read reviews of other customers who have bought and used the product you are in need of.

Although reading reviews on a website can be time consuming, you will certainly find there a lot of real shopping experiences from many people.

They will tell you about product quality and customer service before you make a final purchase decision. Do not be underestimated, it will be very useful for your pocket.

5. Use the “online shopping cart” as a product stored

One of the great ways to help you overcome the “temptation” of buying online is to see an “online shopping cart” as a warehouse to help you store your products.

And only make payment after 1-2 days. Because maybe you will change your buying mind again and maybe tomorrow when you return the product price may be lower or there will be many attractive promotions.

6. Find the best price through

comparison sites
Sites like: Amazon, ebay, chemit, Hn store , … in Australia can help you find prices. best for the product you want to buy.

Not only provide you different prices for different online stores for the same product, you can also find discounted items on price comparison websites. Helping you save a lot of shopping costs.

7. Check the shipping cost and delivery time

Before making a buying decision, ask yourself what is the final price of the product, whether the payment should include the shipping fee, packaging fee, insurance fee or even cumbersome freight surcharge… And also need to be sure about the delivery time.

8. Return Policy

Online shopping is unavoidable when receiving unsatisfied products, so do not ignore the tiny words that remind your customers whether it can be exchanged or not to avoid bringing you certain inconveniences. Do not ignore the terms related to return policies, refund conditions, warranty of the website, the company that you are dealing with. If the information is not provided please call directly to ask the seller before deciding to purchase.

9. Capture your screen and keep receipt when purchased

Please take a picture of the screen to save the necessary information, in case the order is lost or mistaken. Always ask for an invoice when receipt. No receipt means you have no proof of purchased, which becomes a major obstacle if the product is defective or damaged and needs to be returned. Keep receipts in a separate file for warranted products.

10. Choose a delivery services

This is extremely important when you are buying Australian products online and want to ship your products. The shipping company will help you transport, but whether it is safe or not, you also need to learn carefully, choose a reputable place.

Select HN TRANSPORT for transportation, you will be extremely assured of the prestige – quality – safety as well as the goods will be delivered to your hands when using our service.

Please contact us for advice on experiences online shopping and shipping from Australia to Vietnam!