Packing experiences

Kinh Nghiệm Đóng Hàng

A experiences guide for safe packing

Your goods sent from Australia to recipient in Vietnam will through many complicated transportation stages, each stage will potentially have different risks affecting your shipments such as:

– Goods sent from Australia to Ho Chi Minh will have at least 6 times of loading and unloading.
– If it sent to Hanoi will have at least 10 loading and unloading times.
– And goods sent from Australia to other provinces in Vietnam must have at least 12 loading and unloading.

Currently there are many customers of HN TRANSPORT sending goods from Australia to Hanoi or to other provinces and when receiving goods, there are often a few broken products due to negligence in transportation from Ho Chi Minh city to the provinces or from domestic shipping companies in Vietnam or even the shipper subjectively does not pack the goods carefully before sending.

You will not be compensated for breakage or deformation unless you buy insurance goods submitted.

Therefore, in order to avoid the highest risk of breakage, HN TRANSPORT would like to send you some requirements for the following packing specifications to minimize the damage to customers :

Here are some minimum requirements for packing your shipping box:

– Maximum weight for 1 carton is about 20kgs
Fragile items should be wrapped with bubble wrap, void fill, foam paper or insert foam particles alternating into the container
– Put bubble wrap or paper or foam outside before loading into cartons
– Load many small boxes into a larger box to minimize impact force (maximum 1 box does not exceed 20kgs)
– After carefully inserting the goods inside the box, use tape to tape around the box many times to avoid tearing or getting wet during transportation.

These are sample images of a highly secure way to close / insert a row you should follow before sending the item out: