Pickup and delivery policy


Application subject of Pickup and Delivery policy: Customers using transportation service of HN TRANSPORT.

1. Delivery time:

– From 7 to 10 days from the date items arrived at the airport, depending on the geographical location in Vietnam.

– Delivery in office hours, between 8:30 – 17:30 and from Monday to Saturday (except for public holidays and Tet according to the provisions of Vietnamese law).

2. Delivery Commitment:

HN Transport only commit to estimate the delivery time, the actual delivery time may vary depending on the goods, import conditions, geographical factors, weather, politics.

– In case the order has not been delivered for over 8 weeks from the date of delivery to the airport, buyer is entitled to complain and receive compensation according to the company’s policy (not applicable to the cases of wrong recipient information. wrong phone number, wrong address, unable to contact with receiver).

3. Delivery location:

HN Transport will deliver at the address you have registered for the order. For orders received at agencies, apartments, companies, and hospitals, please receive goods at the gate, ground floor. This is the pickup policy specified by the company.

4. The process of receiving goods in Vietnam, applied from January 20, 2020

4.1. Delivered Goods are sealed with HN Transport’s own sealing tape.

(The image of the cargo box is stuck with Hn Transport’s own sealing tape)

4.2. When receiving goods in Vietnam

Customers just re-weigh to see if the kg and the number of received packages match with the number on the label or delivery note?

a. If the package still has the sealing tape of HN Transport and has enough kilograms also number of boxes, receive the goods and sign the delivery record provided by the postman.

b. If the package still has the HN Transport’s sealing tape and the weight of the package is less than the number of kilograms shown on the delivery note or on the label on the box:

– Still receiving goods, but ask the post master to sign the actual kg you received then both sign the delivery paper and let the postman go.

– Take pictures of the cargo with HN Transport’s seal and the number of kilograms.

– Check the goods with the shipper in Australia and list the missing items, then contact HN Transport for instructions on filling out the claim form. Back to checkout process.

c. If the receiving container tears at the sealing tape of HN Transport, the receiver needs:

– Re-weight in front of the postman, take a photo and ask the postman to record the actual kilograms and the state of the container with torn sealing tape.

– Check goods in front of the postman, take pictures of the goods and request the post master to record in the delivery receipt the total number of delivered products.

– List the missing products and then contact HN Transport for instructions on compensation.

4.3. Consignee in Vietnam are required to buy 1 electronic scale to use for receiving goods.

If you have any problems, please contact HN Transport directly through Hotline: ( 84) 333 85 87 88 for the fastest support!

5. Delivery time, package method of shipping policy

– Pick-up service is only available during office hours 9am – 5pm and from Monday to Friday.

If not at home, customers can print and pre-stick the labels on the boxes and keep them on the door step or visible places to pick up goods.

– The pickup staff is a person from the company in Australia. If the customer’s box has a different carrier’s label, you should cancel or stick a new label stack on it to avoid confusion. Customers must carefully package and label them fully before driving to pick up.

6.How to calculate the weight and pickup fee:

– If you do not know the exact weight but only estimate the weight, the pickup company will weigh and recalculate, if the declared weight is over, the pick-up company will charge an extra fee, if the actual weight is lower than the weight. If you declare, you will not be refunded from the pickup company.

– The maximum weight per piece in Australia is no more than 20kgs and if your item is bulky you may have to pay extra charges for an oversized box. Weight converted for road bulky goods, domestic transport companies usually apply the formula cm (length x width x height) / 5,000.

– The customer does not have to pay anything for the driver when picking up the goods because the company paid for the pick-up company and the company will add this fee when receiving the customer at the Sydney warehouse.

– If you are not at home on the day of pick up, you need to have the label ready and leave the packages in front of the house to drive to pick up. If the driver comes to pick up but there are no goods, the pick up fee will still apply and you must pay for it.

7. In case of cancellation or change of pickup schedule

– You can change before the date of pick up and when the staff has not picked up by: cancel the old label and stick the new label on.

– You can cancel the pick up of goods, when the company has not finalized the price and send the label to the sender. On the contrary, when the company and customer has finalized the price and the company sends the label to the sender, the pick up cannot be canceled because the company has prepaid the third party unless the customer agrees to bear the payment. this fee.

– After ordering the pick up, the company staff will email the customer the link with the tracking code so that you can track your parcel.