Purchase on behalf policy

Chính Sách Mua Hàng Hộ

A. Definition: 


Individuals / organizations in the territory of Vietnam wishing to order goods and gifts on international websites through HN TRANSPORT.


Website www.hntransport.com.au provides international trade and electronic services, which functions as an intermediary unit to order (purchase online) items on international E commercial exchanged: eBay.com.au, Amazon.com.au, …


Individual / business selling items, listed on international e-commerce exchanges: Amazon.com.au, Ebay.com.au

B. Responsibilities of the parties:

  1. HN TRANSPORT’s responsibilities for purchasing policy

Goods burden policy through HN TRANSPORT transaction activities is done based on the terms of international websites and according to the Vietnam law:

  • Ensuring the payment process between customers and sellers takes place safely.
  • Tracking, updating information, giving advice and supporting customers to complete procedures, in order to make transactions successful.
  • Ensuring the quality of new items purchased at genuine websites.
  • Special and used goods are purchased according to customers’ order.
  • Responsible for payment guarantee and shipping.
  • Consulting paper work, supporting, representing customers to complain, dispute resolutions with sellers when you receive goods that are not as described by the seller.
  • HN TRANSPORT commits to assist customers in handling situations incurred during and after the ordering process also when receiving goods in accordance with the policy of international websites.
  1. Responsibilities of customers:
  • Pay the full amount of money for the items, taxes (if any), international shipping fee to Vietnam, taxes on imports into Vietnam, and also service charges.
  • Learn carefully about products such as: size, type, material, origin … of goods before ordering or asking for purchase on behalf.
  • Commit to order items only for personal and non-commercial purposes, comply with the Vietnam law.
  • The responsibility for the quality of goods when buying at Ebay.com belongs to the seller and determined through the reputation of the seller. Customers need to learn about the reputation of the seller before ordering.
  1. Responsibility of the seller: 
  • Ensure the truthfulness of information about product description.
  • The seller is responsible for delivering goods to the border gate or the location required by HN TRANSPORT.
  • Packing goods based on the standard of international air transportation.

C. General Terms of Purchase on behalf Policy

1. HN TRANSPORT is not a sales unit

It is just an intermediary to ensure payment and transport goods to Vietnam.

  1. HN TRANSPORT is not responsible for

Warranty, manual for goods ordered in foreign countries.

  1. Total time of ordering + shipping

– Usually 15 – 20 days (not including holidays, weekends or New Year eve) from the date you pay and accepted by HN TRANSPORT.

– Due to the current characteristics of international transactions, there are still potential risks in the implementation process, HN TRANSPORT always commit to provide the best support, in order to protect customers right, we hope that you will sympathize and cooperate with us to find the best ways to handle with unexpected troubles and risks.

  1. HN TRANSPORT reserves the right to refuse transactions

– Not suitable with Vietnamese culture, customs and practices, transactions of items listed in the group of banned goods according to the provisions of international law and Vietnamese law.

– Customers understand their rights, responsibilities and totally volunteer when ordering items at HN TRANSPORT.

– All transactions are through HN TRANSPORT is default that customers have read and committed to agree to this policy. Customers need to read clearly the terms specified in this policy to avoid unpleasant problems.