Send Parcels to Australia



Why you should choose HN Transport shipping services

Note when delivering goods from Vietnam to Australia

Before decided to use HN Transport service, you should consult some basic information on the company’s website such as:

If the information on the website can not answered all your questions, you can ask directly with the counselor through the online chat window on company website.



Flight schedule from Vietnam to Australia will have one flight per day (except Saturday and Sunday)

Goods will be receive in Australia around 5 to 7 day (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays in both countries)

The minimum international shipping fee regulated by the company when sending goods is: $ 43 / shipment.

In case of low weight goods, the freight rate will be higher than the price listed on the website because the company applies the minimum price that customers have to pay when using the service. And for the cost of sending from Vietnam to Australia, the company will still pay the minimum fee for the airline.

For shipping service from Vietnam to Australia HN TRANSPORT will calculated in US dollars (USD) with the current rate is 23,500VND.

Customers need to pay directly at the warehouse or transfer money to company account number in Vietnam.

Accepted and not accepted goods by Hn Transport to be shipped to Australia

  • Clothing: Garments, shoes, hats, …
  • Furniture: Tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds, mattresses, …
  • Pictures: Sculptures, 3D paintings, paintings, …
  • Statue: Statue of Christ, Buddha, statue of fortune, …
  • Machines: Sugarcane juice pressers, bean pressers, meat grinders, industrial machines, …
  • Food products: Tea, confectionery, elderberry, vegetarian food, cereal flour, dried seafood, …
  • Household goods: Pans, pots, …
  • Drugs, drug precursors, addictive substance.
  • Explosive substance or product.
  • Expensive cash, gold, diamonds, jewelry.
  • Colored flour includes tapioca, bean flour, flour or tapioca starch.
  • Herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, health supplements.
  • The product contains an unknown source of protein in the form of meat, eggs, or milk.
  • Sausage, pork ribs.
  • Fake products
  • Liquids, powders
  • Cosmetics, functional foods
  • Goods with batteries, magnets
  • Shrimp paste, shrimp sauce